Lease Addendum on Roommates

Option 1: Fill out and submit the form below.

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that the following regulations regarding roommates will be followed:

1. Joint and Several Liability

    A. Each roommate named on the Rental Agreement acknowledges that he/she is jointly and severally responsible for the performance of this entire Agreement whether or not he/she continues to physically occupy the premises.
    B. Each roommate named on the Rental Agreement is bound for the term of the lease. The persons who originally signed the agreement will be liable for all unpaid rents and damages through the lease term. In the event that one roommate vacates and is replaced by another, the new roommate must fill out a Rental Application, gain approval from Hardee Property Management LLC, and sign a new Rental Agreement in order to release the departing roommate from any further obligation on the contract. If no approved applicant is found, the original tenants will remain on the lease for the whole contract.

2. Security Deposit Refunds

    A. No Security Deposits will be returned to any roommates until Hardee Property Management LLC is in full possession of the property and all roommates have vacated upon lease expiration. No refund or rent pro-ration will be made to any departing roommate when other roommates are still in possession of the property. Such amounts that he/she believes are owed to him/her must be worked out between the roommates themselves.
    B. No person other than those on the Rental Agreement are allowed to move into this property at any time, for any reason, unless (1) approval is granted by Hardee Property Management LLC in writing and (2) an application is submitted and approved by Hardee Property Management LLC for the new occupant.
    C. There will be a Lease Re-Write Fee of $75, to be paid by the lessees for any new Rental Agreement required due to a roommate change.