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Millennials – The 20 somethings, our team is ready for you.

This age group of Millennials is all about the convenience: For example, Boomers, will live 20-30 miles away from family or work, embracing the commute and yard maintenance. Millennials will live on average only about 10 miles away from family or work. They are exchanging the McMansions for condos with little to no upkeep and within walking distance to and from work and entertainment.

Curious: Boomers will take time to sit down to read a novel for hours on end or watch T.V. Millennials however, love to learn but have smaller attention spans, so they take in information at 180 words at a time. Making learning, reading or absorbing information easy on the go. #efficiency #onthegolife #timeismoney

Entrepreneurial: Boomers if they haven’t already made it, they won’t. Millennials think "why not me?", or "all the fast tech start ups are forming by CEOs all my age, we can do this with just one good idea".

One of the most important roles a Realtor or Property Manager can play with a Millennial Buyer or Seller is to help them to understand the processes involved throughout the transaction. There are steps and loopholes that are not always extremely efficient but must get done for a smooth transaction. We are the resource of where Millennials can discover facts about which properties are the best match for them. We are also the avenues to the latest technology and apps so they can have all of the listings, available properties and all their related information instantly on their phone, tablet or laptop.

Contact us today and get the perspective and assistance from Hana, our true Millennial. We can help you get hooked up with all the connections you will need for a great real estate or management experience. We can offer personalized real estate searches through Listingbook, email alerts from the real estate hot sheet, what and how you can qualify for a home. As well as all available rental properties, right now!

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