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Boise Real Estate: Back In Action!

Not sure this is quite what we were waiting for or not, but it is here! AdaCanSFActive2-15.gifWe are into a market with multiple offers on any property under $200,000.  Our last 3 listings this month all had multiple offers and bidding wars that drove the prices up a minimum of $10,000.  As we know from all the statistics we are still one of the most affordable price markets in the Northwest.  Our inventory is at a low from the last 10 years coupled with a vacancy factor of 2.7% resulting in a growth in the market that is going to be amazing.  Low inventory is driving up property values, low vacancy is driving up rent values and the incredible rates are driving demand.

So, here we go with appreciation, rising rents and great returns on investment for investors. 

Don’t wait till prices force you out of the market and the rates make your qualification for a house less then today.  It is healthy and fun again.  Give us a call to see what your home is finally worth, you’re going to love the #’s.  Also, what you can afford to invest today with the current interest rates will amaze you. Contact us for a CMA or with any questions today!

Dorothy Hardee
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